In some courses you will need to purchase audio cassettes onto which the instructional material will be recorded periodically by the Language Lab staff. Most of the time, the cassettes will be recorded on both sides (Sides A and B).

We accept only exact-length cassettes in order to ensure a proper recording on both sides of the cassettes. If the cassettes are shorter than the specified length, the end of side A - and definitely the beginning of side B - will be cut from the recording. If the cassettes are longer than the specified length, all the material will be recorded, but the recording on side B will not begin at the beginning of the side B. Also, since cassettes longer than 90 minutes tend to be rather fragile, we avoid them.

For these reasons, we will process only cassettes of the length as specified below for each course.

Cassette length

French 319: two 90-minute

Acceptable brands of audio cassettes

Normal bias of the brands listed below:

BASF, Fuji, JVC, Maxell, Memorex, RCA, Scotch (3M), SONY, and TDK.
SONY tapes are the least reliable of the brands listed here.

It is possible to purchase audio cassettes at the Instructional Design Center in Henzlik Hall 122, where you will be guaranteed to obtain an appropriate product. Just tell them which length you need.

The hours of the Instructional Design Center during Fall and Spring semesters: Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please check their summer hours at the link above.

Labeling your audio cassettes

Label your audio cassettes on Side A of the cassettes, on the spine, and on the front of the liner with your name, course, and section number as illustrated.

Label your cassettes following the pattern below.

cassette   case liner
Texts and lab manuals
Every textbook has its own way of setting up its exercise and lab manuals. Please explore your textbook and its accompanying manuals.


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