Important Alert!

The lab will be remodeled this semester thanks to funding from the College of Arts & Sciences and Academic Affairs. Starting Monday, January 27th, the space in rooms 301-303 in Burnett Hall will be closed for construction. We anticipate construction to be completed by the first week of April.

We will still provide the following services to our language students in 304 Burnett Hall:
• Placement Exams (by appointment)
• FREE tutoring in Spanish, French, and German
• Computers with recording equipment

We are excited to offer you innovative educational technology and communicative workspaces as you acquire a new language. We hope you will come visit your new lab in April!

302 Burnett Hall

Burnett Hall

The Modern Languages Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is located in Burnett Hall 302. The Lab is staffed and maintained by Allysha Martin and Graduate Teaching Assistants. GTA’s are expected to assist students and be available for tutoring during their assigned lab hour.

The Language Lab is controlled by the Sony LLC-9000 Language Lab System with 64 audio student positions. The system is capable of either independent work by students or instructor-led learning via audio cassette playback and recording through headsets.

Most of the work done by our students in the Lab is on an independent, out-of-class basis. We distribute the audio programs by taping them onto audio cassettes provided by the students, and/or we make programs available on our computers.

All computers are connected to the Internet. Students are welcome to save their work on individual computers under user/student/documents though they must return to the same computer to continue their work. We highly recommend students save their work on a personal USB drive or via email. Computer hard drives are wiped after finals week of each semester.

305 Burnett Hall

The lab in 305 Burnett is managed by the ESL program. For more information contact Chris Dunsmore

Spring 2014 Hours

The Language Lab will be open:


The Lab will be closed during all student holidays and for the Language Fair, April 10.
*All placement exams will be done by appointment only, please contact lab manager.

Language Lab Manager

Allysha Martin

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
P. O. Box 880315
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln NE 68588-0315

phone: 402-472-1786