Dates and location

Orientation takes place during the first week of each semester in the Language Laboratory, which is located in Burnett 302, per request of language instructors.

  • Lab Location: Burnett 302
  • Beginning of regular operation: Monday, August 26, 2013.
  • Hours of the Language Lab.
  • Course and Section number of your class, e.g., French 101, section 002.
  • Lab attendance record: To have their attendance recorded, students must present a valid UNL ID card that is in working order, i.e. it is not bent or broken, and the magnetic stripe is not scratched. Students must check in and within a maximum of 50 minutes check out. See policy statement.

As the instructor, you will receive a weekly e-mail of your students' lab attendance. The e-mail will tell when and for how long students were in the lab. It does not indicate whether or with what material they worked.

Placement testing in French, German, and Spanish: The placement tests are intended to help us advise students with previous knowledge acquired elsewhere in the particular language.

Please direct any questions, suggestions, or comments concerning the Lab to the lab manager

Language Lab Manager

Joseba Moreno

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
P. O. Box 880315
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln NE 68588-0315

phone: 402-472-1786